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Extended AivelX logo, 'AivelX' in Roboto Mono, symbolizing algorithmic trading and probability key level calculation

Introducing the AivelX Exclusive Discord Community and Patreon Tiers

AivelX Exclusive Discord Community as imagined by its creator NightCommando

We are thrilled to announce that the AivelX Exclusive Discord Community will officially launch on Monday, May 1st!

AivelX is a groundbreaking quant algorithmic trading service that offers an objective, data-driven approach to trading, inspired by the insights from the late Mark Douglas. Our mission is to provide traders with an unparalleled experience that empowers them to make informed decisions in the financial markets.

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our services, we believe in fostering a vibrant, supportive community where members can learn, grow, and collaborate. Our commitment to accessibility ensures that all community members can benefit from each other's insights and experiences.


To maintain the quality and focus of our community, all traders interested in joining AivelX are required to fill in and submit a questionnaire.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to strike a balance among the candidates chosen for admission. The selection is at the sole discretion of AivelX, and we appreciate your understanding and commitment to maintaining a focused and productive environment for all community members.

For full transparency, we will initially add traders gradually and temporarily put on hold applications from intraday traders, as our service is currently tailored to swing traders and investors experienced in undertaking overnight risks and holding trades for time frames spanning from a few days to several months or even years.

We are actively developing lower time frames, including intraday, which will be incorporated into the velX-3 Engine, expected to launch in Q3 2023.

Community Structure

The AivelX Exclusive Discord Community features a variety of channels, each thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs and interests of our members. Here's a comprehensive overview of the channels available within the community.

AivelX Exclusive Discord Community Premium Area Estimates
An example of the community with Premium Area enabled

Everyone's Area (accessible to all approved members)

#〔🎉〕welcome-hub: Member introductions and warm welcomes

#〔☕〕break-room: Off-topic discussions and virtual coffee breaks

#〔⭐️〕daily-picks: Daily stock picks shared 15 minutes before public tweets

#〔📈〕trade-talk: Engaging trading discussions and insights

Patreon Area

All Patreon Members

#〔🍀〕lounge: Exclusive introductions and off-topic discussions, virtual coffee breaks

Basic Area


Ideal for swing traders holding positions from a few days to a few weeks.

#〔✅〕estimates: Ticker-specific forum displaying Short-Term AI Score, Price Target, Probability, Invalidation Level, Reference Trades, and Days Left

#〔🧩〕market-overview: Summaries of indexes, sectors, and cryptocurrencies (twice a week)

Pro Area


Suitable for swing traders seeking an extensive overview of trends spanning weeks or months.

#〔✅〕estimates: Ticker-specific forum displaying Short and Mid-Term AI Score, Price Target, Probability, Invalidation Level, Reference Trades, and Days/Weeks Left

#〔🧩〕market-overview: Summaries of indexes, sectors, and cryptocurrencies (twice a week)

#〔⚡️〕live-help: Priority support and assistance

Premium Area


Recommended for swing traders and investors seeking a comprehensive perspective on potential trade directions in the coming months or years.

#〔✅〕estimates: Ticker-specific forum displaying Short, Mid and Long-Term AI Score, Price Target, Probability, Invalidation Level, Reference Trades, and Days/Weeks/Months Left

#〔🧩〕market-overview: Summaries of indexes, sectors, and cryptocurrencies (twice a week)

#〔⚡️〕live-help: Priority support and assistance

#〔🔑〕inner-circle: Unreleased information discussion and Exclusive content reserved

#〔🧪〕feature-requests: Suggest and discuss new feature ideas

Lifetime Discounts for Early Supporters

As a new community, we recognize the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation. We are dedicated to closely monitoring user feedback and engagement, refining our offerings to cater to user needs and preferences.

Your support and collective input are invaluable in ensuring the success of everyone involved, and we are committed to growing together as a thriving, supportive community.

In gratitude for your trust and support during our early stages, we are offering lifetime discounts for those who join the AivelX Exclusive Discord Community during the first month. This means that as long as you maintain your membership, you'll continue to enjoy the discounted rates even after the promotional period ends, as our way of saying thank you for believing in us from the start.

Please submit your Questionnaire before joining a Patreon tier.

Why Choosing AivelX

By offering competitive pricing and a unique value proposition, AivelX aims to provide an unparalleled algorithmic trading experience.

Unlike other services that mainly focus on providing tools and resources for personal learning and development, AivelX offers a head start with a comprehensive strategy that encompasses a wide range of indicators and a vast amount of historical data.

This enables traders to build a solid and objective foundation for their strategies, giving them a significant advantage compared to starting from scratch and being at the mercy of the markets.

We invite you to join us in building a thriving, supportive community that fosters growth and success for all its members.

Warm regards,

The AivelX Team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Can some premium members have access to intraday data while others don't?

Are there plans to expand the AivelX service offerings?

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription tier?

What happens if I sign up for Patreon before filling in the questionnaire?

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