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Elevating Trading: velX-3.5 Release Notes

The AivelX new velX-3.5 quant algorithmic virtual trading floor.


We are thrilled to announce the release of velX-3.5, a significant milestone in AivelX’s journey. This upgrade not only amplifies our existing capabilities but introduces many new features, a testament to our commitment to providing outstanding trading insights and user-driven innovations.

A special thanks goes to our community, whose invaluable suggestions propelled this upgrade. Your feedback emphasized the need for increased computational speed, and we're excited to deliver on this with velX-3.5. The enhanced speed allows for more insights, enabling richer discussions and better understanding of market movements among our community throughout the trading day.

Table of Contents

In the subsequent sections, we delve into the comprehensive features and enhancements introduced with velX-3.5, underscoring our ambition to provide a superior trading platform that evolves with the needs and aspirations of our community.

1. Expanded Reference Trades

The realm of trading is as vast as it is dynamic, with myriad tickers each telling a unique story of market trends and potential. A crucial aspect of making informed trading decisions lies in the ability to analyze and interpret the historical and real-time data of a broad spectrum of tickers. With velX-3.5, we’ve significantly expanded our reference trades, a move aimed at providing a more comprehensive outlook on market dynamics.

Here’s a breakdown of the enhancements in this domain:

Increased Ticker Coverage

  • velX-3.5 now covers over 3,400 tickers, extending a wider lens through which to analyze market trends. This extensive coverage includes all NYSE and Nasdaq tickers with a market cap above $300 million, from their IPO, regardless of their price and IPO date.

  • The essence of such expansive ticker coverage is to provide a more diversified and thorough analysis, ensuring no significant ticker is left behind. This inclusivity allows for a more robust evaluation of market dynamics across a broader array of securities.

Historical Data Depth

  • With more than 60 years of historical data, the depth of analysis is enriched, providing a solid foundation for both short-term and long-term trading strategies.

  • The expansive historical data allows for a meticulous analysis of market trends over time, offering a richer understanding of potential market movements and aiding in more informed decision-making.

Enhanced MT and LT Trade Analysis

  • For Medium Term (MT) and Long Term (LT) trade analysis, the AI ignores tickers with insufficient history to provide meaningful data. This ensures the integrity and accuracy of the trade insights provided, allowing for a more reliable interpretation of MT and LT trade scenarios.

  • The significant expansion of reference trades in velX-3.5 is a monumental stride towards providing a more comprehensive and insightful trading experience. With a larger dataset, our AI is better equipped to discern market patterns and provide richer insights, empowering you to make well-informed trading decisions.

2. 10x AI Computation Speed

In the fast-paced world of trading, timely insights are invaluable. The ability to quickly process and analyze market data can significantly impact decision-making and potential returns. With velX-3.5, we’ve made a quantum leap in accelerating AI computation speed, ensuring you receive timely, accurate insights to stay ahead of the market curve.

Here's a closer look at the enhancements.

Streamlined Data Processing

  • The core of accelerated computation lies in the streamlined data processing pipelines. We've optimized the way we retrieve the latest stock market data, calculate indicators, and run the AI model.

  • This optimization is a direct response to the feedback from our community, highlighting the importance of speed in delivering actionable insights. It's a paradigm shift that significantly reduces the time between data retrieval and insight generation.

Faster Results Post Market Close

  • With the enhanced computation speed, velX-3.5 now delivers AI results for over 370 tickers (and counting) and four different timeframes in just a few minutes post market close. This rapid turnaround is crucial for adapting your trading strategies in response to market changes.

  • The quicker feedback loop ensures you're well-prepared with actionable insights as market conditions evolve, aiding in more informed decision-making.

Path Towards Real-Time AI Computation

  • Initially, velX-3.5 will run the model several times a day, gradually increasing the pace as we achieve a stable workflow.

  • Our aim is to continually boost the AI computation speed, ultimately reaching a point of real-time AI computation. This will ensure you have the latest insights at your fingertips, rendering a more responsive and insightful trading experience.

The tenfold increase in AI computation speed is a game-changer. It not only facilitates faster updates but also fosters a more engaging and interactive trading community, enriched by timely discussions and analyses. The potential to eventually reach real-time AI computation unveils exciting possibilities for an even more dynamic and insightful trading experience.

With velX-3.5, we're not just speeding up processes; we're accelerating your pathway to smarter, more informed trading decisions. This significant enhancement reaffirms our dedication to equipping our community with superior tools to navigate the trading landscape effectively and efficiently.

3. Improved User Interface and New Filtered Pages

A user-friendly interface paired with well-structured, easily accessible information is pivotal in ensuring a seamless and efficient trading experience. At AivelX, we're committed to providing a platform that is not only powerful in terms of analytical capabilities but also intuitive and easy to navigate.

With the release of velX-3.5, we are excited to announce upcoming enhancements to the user interface and the introduction of new filtered pages, designed to augment your experience and provide clearer, more actionable insights.

Here are the key upgrades in this segment, slated to be available this week.

Upcoming UI Enhancements

  • A refreshing UI overhaul is on the horizon with velX-3.5, aiming to provide a more intuitive, user-friendly environment.

  • The upcoming UI is tailored to ensure ease of navigation while providing a structured view of the vast amount of data and insights available. This is geared towards enhancing your ability to quickly access the information you need and make well-informed decisions.

Introduction of Potential Bounces and Chop Filters

  • The new Potential Bounces and Chop Filters are engineered to assist in identifying tickers that are approaching key range risk lines or showcasing trend anomalies.

  • These filters aim to empower traders with more precise tools to analyze market scenarios, thereby aiding in the identification of potential trading opportunities.

4. Intraday Updates and Upcoming Features

At AivelX, our daily endeavor revolves around incessantly working on upgrades to ensure that our platform remains at the cutting edge, providing timely and insightful tools that empower your trading strategies.

The release of velX-3.5 is a significant leap in this continuous journey, and one of the hallmark features is the introduction of intraday updates. This, coupled with an exciting roadmap of upcoming features, reflects our relentless commitment to evolving in tandem with the dynamic needs of our trading community.

Here's a snapshot of what’s in store.

Introduction of Intraday Updates

  • With velX-3.5, we're introducing intraday updates shortly after midday, a feature aimed at keeping you abreast of significant market movements as they unfold.

  • These timely updates ensure that you are well-informed about the market dynamics, enabling a more proactive approach to your trading decisions during the trading day.

Earnings Estimates and Next-Day Green/Red Estimates

  • Come November, brace yourselves for the introduction of earnings estimates and next-day green/red estimates. These features are geared towards providing a more nuanced understanding of market sentiment and potential stock movements.

  • The addition of these estimates is bound to enrich your analytical toolkit, aiding in more precise forecasting and decision-making.

Exciting December Updates

  • As we approach December, there’s a slew of exciting updates lined up. While we're keeping some surprises under wraps, be assured that our daily job of working on upgrades continues unabated.

  • Our goal is to continuously enhance the platform’s capabilities, ensuring a more robust and insightful trading experience.

Stay tuned for a more insightful, efficient, and enjoyable journey with AivelX, as we continue to work diligently on upgrades, keeping your trading strategy sharp, informed, and ahead of the curve.


The launch of velX-3.5 stands as a substantial milestone in our continuous journey to enhance the AivelX platform. This upgrade, shaped significantly by our community's invaluable feedback, brings forth expanded reference trades, accelerated AI computation, and a glimpse into upcoming user interface improvements and new filtered pages. These advancements are geared towards delivering timely, accurate, and actionable trading insights, facilitating richer discussions and better decision-making in our trading community.

Your engagement has been the cornerstone of this upgrade, and we're grateful for the collaborative spirit that drives innovation at AivelX. As we unveil velX-3.5, we invite you to explore its enhanced features, join the discussions in our Exclusive Discord Community, and share your insights, as we continue to strive for excellence in providing a robust and insightful trading platform.

Engage with Us

The essence of AivelX's evolution is deeply rooted in the constructive engagement and insightful feedback from our community. As we unveil velX-3.5, the journey towards refining and enhancing our platform continues, and your involvement is paramount in shaping the future of AivelX.

Here's how you can engage with us:

Join the Discussion on Discord

Get Early Access, share your insights, and explore the new features of velX-3.5 in our Exclusive Discord Community. Your perspectives are invaluable and contribute to a richer understanding of market dynamics and potential improvements to our platform.

Share Your Feedback and Suggestions

Your feedback is the catalyst for our improvement. Share your experiences with velX-3.5, suggest new features, or provide insights on potential refinements. Every piece of feedback is a step towards creating a more robust and user-centric trading platform.

Our commitment to creating a platform that resonates with your trading needs and aspirations is unwavering. Engage with us, be part of the collaborative effort to refine and enhance AivelX, and together, let's shape a platform that empowers you to navigate the market with confidence and precision. Your journey with AivelX is an exciting narrative of collaborative growth, and we look forward to sharing the path of innovation with you.

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