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AivelX's Latest Innovation: The Power-Packed velX-3 Upgrade

A visual representation of AivelX's velX-3 algorithmic model access portal


It's with great pleasure and a sense of growing momentum that we unveil the next big step in the evolution of AivelX. Today, we want to share with you the exciting news about our upcoming velX-3 upgrade, a significant enhancement to our trading technology suite. With this upgrade, we are not only redefining what our platform can do but also reshaping the way you interact with the trading world.

Launch Date

velX-3 will be available to all our Patreon members on the AivelX Live platform from Monday, July 31. Not only will you be able to access our most sophisticated tools yet, but you'll also be among the first to experience the enhanced precision and depth of insight that the VST brings to the table.

Delving Deeper into velX-3

At the core of the velX-3 upgrade lies the introduction of a Very Short-Term (VST) timeframe, an innovation driven by our commitment to your success as traders and our ambition to stay at the forefront of trading technology.

The VST, a new feature within the range of our existing Short-Term (ST) estimates, is tailored for traders who are keen on engaging with shorter trade durations.

Created with an acute focus on precision, the VST signifies a significant advancement in trading analytics. This innovative approach helps you navigate the fast and ever-evolving landscape of trading, providing new opportunities for prompt decision-making and potential profit enhancement.

Here are the key features and benefits of velX-3:

1. Detail-Rich Market Movement Insights

With VST, we are pushing the boundaries of trading analytics. This new timeframe delivers granular insights into market movements, enabling you to plan and execute your trading strategies with heightened precision.

2. Comprehensive Trading Information

VST brings all the essential trading data at your fingertips. You'll have immediate access to the AI Score, Target, Probability, Risk Level, along with the trade's top/bottom estimated date and time for all the daily tracked tickers. All this information comes together to provide a detailed and comprehensive picture that can inform and enrich your trading strategies.

3. Shorter Trade Durations

VST targets swing traders who want to take advantage of very short-term trends, cutting in half the shortest timeframe we had available since our launch 3 months ago. By giving you a more detailed picture of intraday movements, it helps you make the most of market swings.

4. Reduced Risk Advantage

While the VST focuses on shorter trade durations, it also inherently carries a lower risk profile. Trades within this timeframe generally move smaller percentages, decreasing the risk for drawdown. This feature is also beneficial for swing traders who target higher timeframes, as it can serve as an effective risk management tool.

5. Extended Hours Coverage

VST extends beyond the regular trading hours, keeping you informed of potential trading opportunities around the clock. This way, you're never out of step with the market movements.

6. Grounded in Extensive Historical Data

velX-3 has been trained with separate datasets for each timeframe, and integrates the most recent historical data from 2023 Q2, involving hundreds thousands of reference trades for more than 1600 tickers. This wealth of information is then combined by the algorithm and used in the daily analysis of market conditions, further refining the accuracy and reliability of the model.

A Special Gift to Our Early Access Members

As we set out on this exciting new chapter, we recognize the invaluable role our early members play in shaping AivelX. As a token of our appreciation for your support and trust in our platform, we are thrilled to announce that velX-3 access will be available to all Early Access Patreon members at no extra cost.


With the upcoming launch of the velX-3 upgrade on July 31, we are inviting you to experience the future of trading. This significant upgrade is more than just a feature addition – it's a demonstration of our commitment to continuously evolving to meet your trading needs.

We eagerly look forward to your feedback on velX-3 and hearing about your success stories leveraging its new features.

Continued innovation coming towards your requests remains our central focus. Together, let's continue to redefine the future of trading. We're grateful for your trust in AivelX and your ongoing contribution to our community.

Stay tuned for future updates and enhancements!

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